Dawn Records Discography

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Series + DNLB

Cat no./  Artist / Title 
3001  Richard Stevenson / Gates of Me     
3002  John Kongos / Confusions About A Goldfish      
3003  Man / 2 Oz's of Plastic With A Hole In The Middle     
3004  Trader Horne / Morning Way      
3005  Mike Cooper / Do I Know You   
3006  The Trio / Self Titled ( John Surman / Barre Phillips / Stu Martin )   
3007  Quiet World / The Road      
3008  Mungo Jerry / Self Titled    
3009  Donovan / Open Road  
3010  Heron / Self Titled   
3011  Mike CooperTrout Steel      
3012  Titus Groan / Self Titled   
3013  Demon Fuzz / Afreaka  !     
3014  Atlantic Bridge / Self Titled    
3015  Harvey Mandel / Baby Batter    
3016  Potliquor / First Taste      
3017  Trifle / First Meeting      
3018  John SurmanWhere Fortune Smiles    
3019  Comus / First Utterance     
3020  Mungo Jerry / Electronically Tested    
3021  Paul Brett's Sage / Self Titled   
3022  Trio / Conflagration     
3023  Jackie McAuley / Self Titled    
DNLB-3024  Various Artists /  The Dawn Take-Away Concert    
3025  Heron / Twice As Nice And Half the Price     
3026  Mike CooperPlaces I Know  With Machine Gun Co   
3027  Be-Bop Preservation Society / Self Titled    
3028  Mungo Jerry / You Don\'t Have To Be In The Army    
3029  Noir / We Had to Let You Have It  
3030  Pluto / Self Titled   
3031  Mike Cooper / The Machine Gun Co with Mike Cooper    
3032  Paul Brett SageSchizophrenia  
3033  Ray Dorset / Cold Blue Excursion      
3034  Bronx Cheer / Bronx Cheer\'s Greatest Hits Vol 3      
3035  Paul King / Been in the Pen Too Long       
3036  Not Issued    
3037  Finber  Furay & Eddie / The Dawning Of The Day   
3038  Atomic Rooster / Made in England      
3039  David McWilliams /  Lord Offaly   
3040  King-Earl Boogie Band / Trouble at Mill     
3041  Mungo Jerry / Boot Power  
3042  Jonesy / No Alternative      
3043  Peter Franc / Profile      
3044  Steven Jameson / Self Titled   
3045  Mungo Jerry / Mungo Jerry's Greatest Hits      
3046  Gravy Train / Second Birth  
3047  David McWilliams / The Beggar And The Priest     
3048  Jonesy / Keeping Up・・・    
3049  Atomic Rooster / Nice 'n' Greasy      
3050  Mason / Self Titled   
3051  Peter Franc / En Route      
3052  Prelude / How Long Is Forever    
3053  Fruupp / Future Legends      
3054  Brian Joseph Friel / Self Titled   
3055  Jonesy / Growing     
3056  Quicksand / Home Is Where I Belong    
3057  Wilderness Road  / Self Titled   Not Issued   
3058  Fruupp / Seven Secrets     
3059  David McWilliams / Living's Just a State Of Mind     
3060  Curtis Knight Zeus / The Second Coming     
3061  Prelude / Dutch Courage     
3062  Tim Rose / Self Titled  
3063  Brotherhood Of Man / Good Things Happening     
3064  Brian Friel Joseph / Arrivederci Ardrossan     
3065  Kilburn & High Roads / Handsome       
3066  Stray / Stand Up And Be Counted  
3067  McKendree Spring / Get Me To The Country  
3068  Sahara / Sahara Sunrise      
3069  Not Issued      
3070  Fruupp / Modern Masquerades       
3071  Not Issued     
3072  Stu Martin & John Surman / Live at Woodstock Town Hall    
3501  Mungo Jerry / Long Legged Woman      

DNLH-1  Gravy Train / Staircase To The Day       
DNLH-2  Fruupp / The Prince Of Heaven's Eyes      
DNLH-3  Prelude / Owlcreek Incident      
DNLD-4001  Donovan HMS / Donovan   
DNSM‐5001  Various Artists /  Has It Dawned On You     


Cat no./  Artist / Title  
1001  Quiet World :Miss Whittington b/w  There is a Mountain     
1002  John  Kongos:Flim Flam Pharisee b/w  Blood     
1003  Trader Horne: Here Comes the Rain b/w Goodbye Mercy Kelly    
1004  Not Issued     
1005  Quiet World: Children Of The World b/w Love Is Walking     
1006  Donovan :Ricki Ticki Tavi b/w Roots of Oak   With the Open Road.   
1007  Donovan :Celia of the Seals b/w Mr Wind  A Side with Danny Thompson  
1008  Trifle :Old Fashioned Prayer Meeting b/w Dirty Old Town     
1009  Not Issued    
1010  Paul Brett Sage: Goodbye Forever b/w Good Old Fashioned Funky Kind of Music 
1011  Jackie McAuley: Turning Green  b/w It's Alright     
1012  Joe Reed: Ain't That A Shame b/w Follow Me     
1013  Smoke Stack Crumble :Got a Bad Leg b/w Whisky Macaroni     
1014  Mike Cooper:Country Water b/w Night Journey    
1015  Heron :Take Me Back Home b/w Minstrel And a King     
1016  Not Issued    
1017  Pluto :Rag A Bone Joe  b/w Stealing My Thunder     
1018  Ray Dorset : Cold Blue Excursion  b/w I Need It      
1019  Bronx Cheer :Hold On To Me b/w Late Date     
1020  Jackie McAuley :Rocking Shoes b/w One Fine Day     
1021  Paul Brett's Sage :Dahlia  b/w Cottage Made For Two     
1022  Mike Cooper :Time in Hand  b/w Schaabisch Hall     
1023  Paul King : Whoa Buck  b/w Zoe     
1024  King-Earl Boogie Band :Plastic Jesus b/w If the Lord Don't Get You      
1025  Furey, Finbar & Eddie Her Father: Didn't Like Me Anyway  b/w Reynardine    
1026 Pluto: I Really Want It  b/w Something That You Loved    
1027  Atomic Rooster :Stand By Me b/w Never To Lose   
1028  King-Earl Boogie Band: Starlight  b/w Goin' to German      
1029  Atomic Rooster :Save Me b/w Close Your Eyes    
1030  Jonesy: Ricochet b/w Every Day's The Same     
1031  Paul Kinng:Look At Me Now  b/w Nobody Knows   
1032  Not Issued     
1033  Peter Franc :I'll Move Along  b/w Song for Every Season     
1034  Crane - Farlowe :Can't Find A Reason  b/w Moods      
1035  Stephen Jameson :Don't Say  b/w Back Together Once Again      
1036  Gravy Train :Strength of a Dream  b/w Tolpuddle Episode     
1037  Mungo Jerry :Alright Alright Alright b/w Little Miss Hipshake  
1038  Roger Charles :Understand Each Other b/w Can't Forget     
1039  Peter Franc : Ballad of the Superstar b/w Strange Kind of Woman     
1040  Mason: Fading b/w It's Alright      
1041  Prelude: Out There b/w Song For Three Months Gone     
1042  Stephen Jameson :Take Me to the Doctor b/w Rocky Fitzroy Jameson    
1043  Gus Eadon (Band) :Times Are Hard Now Ain't They b/w Ladybird      
1044  David McWilliams :Love Like a Lady b/w Down by the Dockyard    
1045  Mick Mercury & Meteors: Waiting Room Goodbye b/w Minglewood    
1046  Quicksand :Time to Live b/w Empty Street Empty Heart   
1047  Not Issued
1048  Not Issued  
1049  Curtis Knight Zeus : The Devil Made Me Do It b/w Oh Rainbow   
1050  Brian Friel Joseph :The Rock and Roll's In Me b/w Song For Ralph    
1051  Mungo Jerry :Wild Love b/w Glad I'm a Rocker   
1052  Prelude: After the Goldrush b/w Johnson Boy 
1053  Tuesday :Man of the Road / ???  7" Release unconfirmed   
1055  Brotherhood of Man :When Love Catches Up On You b/w How Can You Love 
1056  Castaways: Rock and Roll Lullabye / ???  7" Release unconfirmed   
1057  Robin Goodfellow: You Know Me Now b/w I'm Suddenly Alive     
1058  Gravy Train :Starbright Starlight  b/w Good Time Thing      
1059  Ross Stagg: I'll Never be a Star (But I Might) b/w Oh Captain    
1060  Roger Charles :Pachelbel  b/w Watching the Boat      
1061  Mungo Jerry :Long Legged Woman Dressed in Black 
                                                                                          b/w Gonna Bop 'Til I Drop  
1062  Not Issued    
1063  Linda Kendrick :Sympathy for the Devil b/w He Wrote Me A Letter      
1064  David McWilliams :You've Only Been A Stranger b/w Ships In the Night     
1065  Curtis Knight :People Places and Things b/w Mysterious Lady    
1066  Streakers: Turn Me Down b/w  Wake Up To Sunshine 
1067  Renegade :A Little Rock 'n' Roll b/w My Revolution     
1068  D'Jurann Jurann :Streakin' b/w Oh Janine  
1069  Casuals :The Witch b/w Good Times      
1070  Ritz Jenny :Gentle  b/w Why Love      
1071  Brian Friel Joseph:Mailbox Blues b/w Louise is Loose     
1072  Brotherhood of Man:Lady b/w Love's Bound to Get Ya   
1073  Billy Gilvray :Rock and Roll Days b/w Hot Burritto    
1074  Frances Gilvray:Frances Hear My Voice on the Radio b/w Fine Weather     
1075  Noy's Band :Love Potion Number Nine b/w Eldorado     
1076  Washington Flyers :Another Saturday Morning b/w The Comets are Coming  
1077  Hearts of Soul:Love Not Money b/w Eve      
1078  Prelude :Here Comes the Sun b/w Follow Me Down  
1079  Fifth Form: Back at School b/w Darling     
1080  Stumpy :Make Me a Superman b/w Keep It Coming      
1081  Not Issued
1082  Emmaline Jones:What Good is I Love b/w You  Just You and I     
1083  Not Issued    
1084  Baz Portrait  / B Side  
1085  Tim Rose: You've Got to Hide Your Love Away b/w If I Were a Carpenter      
1086  Peter Wilson: Big Man b/w Barefootin'      
1087  Fruupp: Prince of Heaven b/w The Jaunting Car
1088  Peter Franc: Flag of Convenience b/w At Home With You     
1089  Prelude: Dear Jesus b/w Lady from a Small Town     
1090  Kilburn & High Roads :Rough Kids b/w Bill Bentley      
1091  Brotherhood of Man: Lady Lady Lady Lay b/w Join the Party    
1092  Mungo Jerry: All Dressed Up And No Place To Go / Shake 'Til I Break / Too Fast to Live and Too Young to Die / Burnin' Up      
1093  Steve Elgin: Don't Leave Your Lover Lying Around (Dear) b/w Seductress    
1094  Small Wonder: Ordinary Boy b/w Ride a Black Sheep    
1095  Zenith :A Face You Won't Forget b/w Just the Two of Us in Mind     
1096  Others Love :Donation b/w Sad Song (Something Wrong)  
1097  Fifth Form :When You're Hot You're Hot b/w I Get a Buzz     
1098  Raymond Butterfly: Rock & Roll Blonde b/w Rock & Roll in My Soul     
1099  Brotherhood of Man :Spring of 1912 b/w Movin' With Susan     
1100  Prelude: Fly b/w Rock Dreams    
1101  Stray :Precious Love b/w Recover      
1102  Kilburn & High Roads: Crippled with Nerves b/w Huffety Puff  
1103  Not Issued   
1104  Matchbox: Rock 'n' Roll Band b/w Born to Rock 'n' Roll      
1105  Fynnius Fogg :Roller Skatin' Baby b/w Nowhere Road     
1106  Linda Kendrick: House Of Cards b/w Music Brings Us Joy     
1107  Brian Friel Joseph :Growing Stronger b/w Fat City     
1108  Me & Him :For the Sake of the Show b/w The Loving Arc      
1109  Barry Ryan: Do That b/w The Summer's Over   B side by Paul & Barry Ryan   
1110  Phoenix :Pictures of You b/w Thrill Me With Your Love     
DNS1111 Brotherhood of Man Kiss Me Kiss Your Baby / Put Out the Fire  7"    
DNS1112 Zenith A Fool That Was In Love / Silent Words  7"    
DNS1113 Mungo Jerry In the Summertime / She Rowed  7"  Title available  
DNS1114 Sandgate A Thousand Years / Such a Sad Song  7"    
DNS1115 Gravy Train Climb Aboard the Gravy Train / Sanctuary  7"    
DNS1116 Foster, David Gonna Do It Anyway / Yesterday\'s Morning  7"    
DNS1117 Stray Smile / Stand Up and be Counted  7"    
DNS1118 Dancer Hate Generator / Love Seeds  7"    
DNS1119 Brotherhood of Man Be My Lovin\' Baby / Shame On You Baby  7" Scheduled but unissued   
DNS1120 Prelude A Love Song / Me and the Boy  7"    
DNS1121 Me & Him Waiting There / Now You\'re Down in London  7"    
DNX2501 Cooper, Mike Your Lovely Ways Parts 1 & 2 / Watching You Fall Parts 1 & 2  7" DNX series were maxi-singles   
DNX2502 Mungo Jerry In the Summertime / Mighty Man / Dust Pneumonia Blues  7"    
DNX2503 Titus Groan Open the Door Homer / Woman of the World / Liverpool  7"    
DNX2504 Demon Fuzz I Put a Spell on You / Message to Mankind / Fuzz Oriental Blues  7"    
DNX2505 Mungo Jerry Baby Jump / The Man Behind the Piano / Maggie / Midnight Special / Mighty Man  7" B side titled Live from Hollywood   
DNX2506 Comus Diana / In the Lost Queen\'s Eyes / Winter is a Coloured Blind  7"    
DNX2507 Atlantic Bridge I Can\'t Lie To You / Hilary Dickson / Childhood Room  7"    
DNX2508 Brett, Paul Reason For Your Askin\' / Everlasting Butterfly / Savannah Ladies / To Everyman (Freedom)  7" As Paul Brett\'s Sage   
DNX2509 Heron Bye and Bye / Through Time / Only a Hobo / I\'m Ready to Leave  7"    
DNX2510 Mungo Jerry Lady Rose / Have a Whiff On Me / Milk Cow Blues / Little Louis  7" Also released with Have a Whiff On Me replaced by She Rowed   
DNX2511 Cooper, Mike Too Late Now / The Ballad of Fulton Allen / Good Times  7"    
DNX2512 Bronx Cheer Barrelhouse Player / Surprising Find / Weather or Not / Party of One  7"    
DNX2513 Mungo Jerry You Don\'t Have to be in the Army to Fight in the War / The Sun is Shining / O\'Reilly / We Shall Be Free  7"    
DNX2514 Mungo Jerry Open Up / Going Back Home / I Don\'t Wanna Go Back to School / No Girl Reaction  7"  Title available  
DNX2515 Mungo Jerry My Girl and Me / Summer\'s Gone / 46 and On / It\'s a Goodie Boogie Woogie